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Together we can make this site our place to express our selfs with respect and dignity.

With your help we can all have a place ware we can come together and assemble in a place ware your Political believes will be respected and cherish.

At Tweset Social media we believe in the right to assemble and the freedom of speech because we cherish democracy and the rule of law.

Respecting opinions that stays within the boundaries of the rule of law it’s what makes our social site stronger than ever.

At Tweset we condemn all violence or assault on others, such actions will not be tolerated in our site, any and all sexual content goes against our believes and/or policy’s, so all sexual content, Assault on others and criminal activities, will be subject to removal immediately.

At Tweset we believe in the right to assemble so speak your mind out with respect to other’s constitutional rights to do the same.

At tweset we don’t believe in political suppression, because we believe that difference of opinions makes democracy better and helps society grow to their highest potential

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